Beyond Returns, There is


The industry's first diverse warehousing distribution program for independent authors and publishers.

It’s about Authors and Publishers

Much has changed since Springboard Logistics introduced the returns program to self-published authors over a decade ago, however, the program's importance remains as true today, as it did then. Whether you are a publisher or author, to maximize your efforts you need Returnability! Well, we’re at it again, this time with enhanced user benefits!


Authors Choose

 Huge Savings!

As much as 50%, saving you hundreds of $'s to reinvest in your efforts.

 Shelf Life

As long as you are active in the Returnability program, your book will never be destroyed!

 Free Warehouse Space

As long as your book is enrolled in our returns program, you will never incur additional warehousing charges.

 Delivering Independence

Expand your bookselling opportunities as you want! Author signings, trade shows, speaking engagements, Returnability will deliver for you.

 Enhanced Time Management

Utilize our vast warehouse and distribution resources, so you can focus your time and energy maximizing your book selling opportunities.

 Expert Distribution Services

At Returnability, we work for you! Your inventory will always be where you need it, when you need it! A valuable benefit for both authors and publishers.